The City of New London

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The City of New London

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The City of New London is made up of many subsections.Darlington Heights, was established as a sanctuary for the Wealthy to live in far from the riff raff.
Of course, the wealthy had servants who had families...and so the town of Washington Meadows was formed.
Irvin Acres was a large farm that supplied much of the local crops. The Port city of Van Dryver Bay became a mecca of trade and travel, hosting a large open air market.
Rodgers Hills was an area named after a bandit and his gamg who held up in that region. It is traditionally avoided by most law abiding citizens and is rumored to be the place to go for illicit fun though not without risk.
Burners Wake is a subburb that grew up around a mine orginally employees of said mining company.
The center of politics and business in the region is known simply as The Square. It houses most municipal buildings, political and law offices and certain high end businesses. The Squalls on the other hand was where the poor, the criminal and the mad often ended industrial park that had seen better days.

New London is the Center of a cultural renasiance that started about ten years ago after decades of influence by the Toreador. The economy is thriving unlike some areas of the country and many importamt agencies have satelite offices here. It is also home to the New London Wolves, a popular sports team. The area was known to have wolves though siteings have became more sparse in recent years.


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